Advances in Bioresources, Biodiversity and Therapeutics
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Advances in Bioresources, Biodiversity and Therapeutics

Author : Pammi Gauba , Indira P. Sarethy & Ashwani Mathur
© Year : 2020
ISBN : 9789386768872
Pages : 314
Binding : Paperback
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The book on Bioresources, Biodiversity and Therapeutics has been conceptualized to focus on diverse domains, written by authors with expertise in diverse domains of biotechnology and life sciences.

Approaches to develop sustainable society, preventing environmental deteriorations, emerging and lifestyle-related diseases, new diagnostics tools, fortified and nutrition-rich food for the growing global population, are some of the key questions that are been explored by global scientific community. The growing economic and societal concerns demand alternative strategies and scientific solutions.

While many approaches exist, biotechnology based solutions have been shown to be sustainable in the long run. Various strategies are proposed in this book based on the research carried out to address these issues. Other emerging areas that may play a significant role in further fostering the research includes bio-therapeutics, nanotechnology, public health, and entrepreneurship.

The book caters to an audience of graduate, post graduate, intellectuals, technocrats, academicians and researchers on a global platform. Authors from different organizations, with multitude of expertises have contributed to the book. The chapters are written in a lucid way to be easily understood by readers. The book will serve as a ready reckoner for academicians and researchers, world over.

1. Impact of Chemical Fertilizers on Biome
Preeti Thakur, Pammi Gauba
2. Zero Liquid Discharge for Wastewater Management
Arushi Saxena, Pammi Gauba
3. Chitosan and their Derivatives in Wastewater Treatment
Raziur Rahman, Shalini Tyagi, Garima Mathur
4. Probiotics: An Essential Approach for Maintaining Healthy Human Gut
Kanika Sharma, Smriti Gaur
5. High Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery
Nidhi Srivastava and Indira P. Sarethy
6. Bioprospecting: The Screening Steps in the Search for Pharmacologically Important Natural Products
Nidhi Srivastava and Indira P. Sarethy
7. Paraben: A Boon or Bane for Society
Pooja Upadhyay, Pammi Gauba, Ashwani Mathur
8. Hydroponics: Current Prospects and Future Perspectives
Akanksha Aggarwal, Ashwani Mathur
9. Withania Somnifera: A Review on Ethano-Medicinal Properties and Withanolide Biosynthesis
Shalini Tyagi, Garima Mathur
10. Kefir: The Upcoming Fermented Milk Generation
Akansha Chaurasia, Rishibha Gupta, Smriti Gaur
11. Recent Trends in Production of Bacterial Cellulose Composites and Their Applications
Jasveen Bhasin, Ankita Vaishali, Anirudh Bhatia, Sumbul Fatima, Garima Mathur
12. Effects of Hormones on Food Intake
Shubhangi Mathur, Girisha Maheshwari, Pammi Gauba
13. Commercial Application of Pectinases
Sonia Sharma, Neeraj Wadhwa
14. Stevia: An Underutilized Sweetener
Shalini Tyagi, Garima Mathur
15. Phytotherapy: A Safer Alternative of Available Medicines in the Management of Urolithiasis
Chetna Faujdar; Priyadarshini
16. Biological Pathway and Diseases
Shikha Mishra; Priyadarshini
17. Role of Hyperoxaluria and Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Urolithiasis
Chetna Faujdar; Priyadarshini
18. Alkaloids as Central Nervous System Stimulants
Shriya Agarwal, Prakhar Agarwal, Mugdha Agarwal and Manisha Singh
19. Role of Environmental Pollution Causing Multiple Sclerosis and Advances in Therapeutics
Sakshi Singh Manisha Singh and Rachana
20. Crispr/cas9: A New Therapeutic for Cancer and Genetic Disorder
Maria Ishaque, Amita Tiwari, Chakresh Kumar Jain
21. Drug Resistance in Cancer
Pankaj Kumar Tripathi, Chakresh Kumar Jain
22. Green Seaweeds as Potential Feedstock for Bio-Based Products
Nitin Trivedi
23. Waste Water Management using IoT (Internet of Things)
Jatin Aggarwal, Ria Singh, Pooja Upadhyay, Akanksha Aggarwal, Ashwani Mathur

Pammi Gauba :- Dr. Pammi Gauba, joined the Department of Biotechnology at JIIT in 2010. She has experience of 23 years in teaching and research since 1988 at different institutes in India and abroad. Prior to joining JIIT She worked as an Adjunct Professor in Marymount College, Arlington, USA and NOVA College, Alexandria, USA.

Ashwani Mathur :- Dr. Ashwani Mathur has been working at Department of Biotechnology, JIIT since December 2010. Before joining JIIT, Dr. Ashwani Mathur worked for 18 months as Senior Lecturer at Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at JUIT, Waknaghat, Dist. Solan, Himachal Pradesh. He has done his masters (M.Sc) in Biotechnology from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2002, and was university rank holder. 

Indira P. Sarethy :- Indira P. Sarethy is Professor in the Department of Biotechnology, and Associate Dean - Online Teaching. She has been in teaching and research for twenty years, working at Lady Doak College, Madurai, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi and Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Noida before taking up the present assignment at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida. She has done her post-graduation and PhD from Madurai Kamaraj University (Madurai) on stress-related aspects using in vitro propagation systems of plants.

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