Advances in Industrial Biotechnology, 1/e
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Advances in Industrial Biotechnology, 1/e

Editor : Ram Sarup Singh , Ashok Pandey & Christian Larroche
© Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789382332763
Pages : 532
Binding : Hardback
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This book covers the most comprehensive and recent advances & developments in Industrial Biotechnology. The aim of the book is to provide an authentic account of Biotechnology in industrial applications as well as to stimulate research in Industrial Biotechnology. It also highlights future needs of research on the various aspects of Industrial Biotechnology. This book would be a good source for post graduate classes as a Research-cum-Textbook. It would be very useful both from teaching and research point of view. Applied aspects are systematically covered so that students can take relevant assignments in Industrial Biotechnology. All the chapters in the book are contributed by the experts in their respective fields of research. The book is illustrated with tables and figures along with recent references. The manuscript is incomparable resource for the biotechnologists, fermentation technologists, biochemical engineers, microbiologists and students of these disciplines. Manuscript would be very useful to both the academia and the industrialists.

  • Provides an in-depth study of latest research based information along with fundamentals, principles, and practices in the field of industrial biotechnology, spread across 25 chapters.
  • Contributed by 61 eminent researchers and academicians from across the globe.
  • Covers topics dealing with industrial enzymes, biofuels, biorefinery, biofertilizers, fermented foods, nanotechnology, and solid-waste management, to name a few.
  • Each contributed chapter provides enough informative table and figures to support the text.
  • Provides systematic coverage of the applied aspects to help taking up relevant assignments.

1. Industrial biotechnology: An overview
2. Manipulating aspergillus niger genome: A journey
3. Scaling-up of microbial fuel cell using clay membrane separator and non-catalyzed electrode materials
4. Hydroxy acids: Production and applications
5. Bacterial xylanases: Production, purification and applications
6. Biorefinery prospects: A study on pine litter feedstock
7. Butanol production from lignocellulosics
8. Pretreatment of lignocelluloses for biogas and ethanol processes
9. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR): Back to the roots
10. Bio-prospecting of indigenous yeast isolates of fermented foods of north-western himalayas
11. Probiotics today: Charting new directions
12. Non dairy probiotic beverage as potent functional food
13. Coatings of bio-based materials on flexible food packaging: Opportunities for problem solving and innovations
14. Assessing food safety and food quality through proteomic and peptidomic tools
15. Pullulan as therapeutic tool in biomedical applications
16. Chitinases and chitinase-like proteins: Ubiquity and potential in therapeutics
17. Current status of microbial lectins in biomedical research
18. Studies on a pharmaceutically important antioxidant-glutathione
19. Role of infectious agents in cardiovascular diseases
20. Nanoparticle gold in wild and resistant leishmaniasi
21. New submerged membrane bioreactors (SMBRs) for sustainable water
22. Use of microbes in biological treatment of shrimp wastewater in the united states
23. Bioremediation of hazardous Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
24. Biotechnological approaches for valorization of whey
25. Management of organic wastes by vermicomposting

Ram Sarup Singh :- Ram Sarup Singh, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India. He is working in the area of Industrial Biotechnology. His current focus areas of research are production of indutrail enzymes, therapeutic proteins, Organic acids, biopolymers, fructooligosaccharides, high fructose syrup, etc.

Ashok Pandey :- Ashok pandey, Deputy Director, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, & Technology; and Head, Centre for Biofuels & Biotechnology Division, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. His research focus areas includes Bioprocess and Product Development, mainly on agro-industrial solid waste utilization for the production of biofuels, biopolymers, industrial enzymes, etc.

Christian Larroche :- Christian Larroche, Director, Polytech Clermont Ferrand, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Laboratory, Institute Pascal, Universite Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand, France. He has research interest in the areas of Applied Microbiology and Biochemical Engineering. Recently, his research interest have also been extended to Bioenergy.

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