Applied Biotechnology  , 1/e
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Applied Biotechnology , 1/e

Editor : Sudhir U. Meshram & G.B. Shinde
© Year : 2009
ISBN : 9789380026565
Pages : 224
Binding : Hardback
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This book vividly brings out the complexities, intricacies and constraints in developing and adopting appropriate sustainable technologies in the applied fields of Agriculture, Environment, Biomedical & Animal Genetic Engineering, Immunology etc. It covers Biosensors, Bioremediation, Biofertilizers, Fermentation, Immunization, DNA Transportation, Biopesticides, Sustainable strategies, Agriculture, Animal & Health Sectors etc. It will be of great use not only to teachers and students of Biotechnology and Life Sciences but also to farm scientists, extension managers, policy makers and administrators alike.
The readers, through this book, will explore new avenues to alleviate the human and other biospheric sufferings because of poverty, ignorance, mismanagement and diseases particularly in developing countries.

  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Sustainable Biotechnology
  • Immunology, Toxicology and Animal Biotechnology
  • Microbial Fermentation and Biotechnology

  • Biotech-Advancing Towards Another Revolution
  • Global Sustainable - 2nd Biotech Congress
  • Bacterial Proteins in Potential Cancer Therapy
  • A DNA Helicase from P. Falciparum is Bipolar and its Activities are Modulated by Phosphorylation
  • IPR in Management of Genetic Resources
  • Bioremediation using Radioresistant Microbes
  • Transgenic Crops: Approaches to Avoid User Reservation and Resistance
  • Alive with Dead: Overexpression of a Dead-Box Helicase Confers
  • Salinity Tolerance in Plants
  • Global Sustainable Biotechnology: Action for Human Welfare
  • Biotechnology for Global Sustainable Development
  • Management of Waste Lands
  • Barren Land Through Cyanobacteria and Rice Production
  • Rhizobacteria as Biocontrol Agents
  • Biodiversity and Conservation of Tasar Ecoraces
  • Bioenergy: an in-Thing in Bharatdesh as an Indigenous Technology
  • Biotechnology: For Sustainable Development
  • White Paper: On the Future of Sustainable Biotechnology
  • Biodiversity Conservation for Biotech
  • Role of Biofertilizers and Organic Matter in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Green Chemistry-Global Sustainable Technology
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology
  • Role and Advantages of Biotechnology in Vaccine Development
  • Transgenic Products
  • Horizons in Animal Biotechnology, Immunology and Toxicology
  • Environment — A Reservoir of Pollutants
  • Cold-Adapted Enzymes: Fundamentals and Biotechnological Aspects
  • Production of Enzymatic Complex by Aspergillus Niger Used for Lignocellulose Degradation
  • Genomics in Aid of Microbial Fermentation of Waste Biomass into Bioenergy Bioproducts
  • Feeding of Protists Upon Fluorescently Labelled Bacteria or Labelling of Fed Bacteria - The Flb Method In 21st Century
  • Index

Sudhir U. Meshram :- is professor and HOD of Microbiology and Director of Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Centre, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur University, Nagpur (M.S) India. Porf. Meshram holds M.Sc (Plant Pathology) and Ph.D. (Microbiology) from IARI, New Delhi and Post Doctorate from Holland. As Principal Investigator, he completed 5 major R&D sponsored projects and 2 more are on-going.
He successfully guided 14 Ph.D. aspirant and 13 more are in the offing. He has developed new teaching methods like audio-visual aids, CDs, field demos and group discussions. He also has two patents to his credit.

G.B. Shinde :- is Professor, P.G. Department of Biochemistry, RTM Nagpur University. LIT Premises, Nagpur (M.S) India. He obtained his Ph.D. (Biochemistry) in 1985.He has research specialization in Environmental Toxicology, Microbial Biotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry and Enzymology. He has one patent granted and one book published to his credit. He has completed several R&D projects on Microbial Biotechnology funded by DBT, DST and NGOs. He has published several research papers and articles in national and international scientific journals. His teaching and research experience span 32 years. He is executive member of server professional, academic and social bodies. 

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Applied Biotechnology

By : Sudhir U. Meshram

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