Biotechnological Applications of Microbes, 1/e
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Biotechnological Applications of Microbes, 1/e

Editor : Ajit Varma & Gopi K. Podila
© Year : 2005
ISBN : 9788188237319
Pages : 364
Binding : Hardback
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Understanding Microbes is vital to understand the past and the future of mankind and our planet. These are the oldest form of life on the earth. Microbes provide us with oxygen to breathe and food to eat. Without microbes life is impossible on the earth. Microbes cause as well as prevent diseases, hence are highly relevant to medicine and other related health sciences too. Research and biotechnological applications of Microbes is a fascinating field of science and increasingly being seen as a mainstream tenet of biology. The present book focuses on diverse areas of microbial research and provides a wealth of information on the microbial world: biochemistry of the molecules, their functions, syntheses, and regulation activity; microbial genetics, immunology, biotechnology, control of microbial growth, interactions between humans, insects and microorganisms and public health, microbial ecology, terrestrial microbiology, microbiology of waste treatment and so on.

  • The book provides information on the microbial world: biochemistry of the molecules, their function, synthesis, regulation activity, etc.
  • The biotechnological applications include agricultural, food, and industrial (particularly bioremediation)
  • The 15 research articles are contributed by eminent scientists from various regions of the world.

  • Biotechnology—An Overview
  • Microbial Community Structure and Function in the Rhizosphere
  • Glomalin: A Novel Proteinaceous Substance Produced by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • Microbes: Turning Them into Allies
  • Plant Microbe Interaction: Molecular Basis
  • Phosphatase (s) from Microorganisms
  • Symbiotic Properties in Dual Inoculation of Rhizobia and AM Fungi for Enhancement of Pulse Production in North East Himalayan Region
  • Fungi in the Root Cortex of Direct-Seeded Wheat Fields with Chiseling or No Tillage
  • Siderophores: Their Biotechnological Applications
  • Microbial Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
  • Engineering of Xylanolytic Organisms and Enzymes for Pulp and Paper Industries
  • Microbial Bioremediation of Persistent Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds in the Environment
  • Biotechnological Applications of White-Rot Fungi in Biodegradation of Various Pollutants
  • Bacteriocins from Lactic Acid Bacteria and Their Industrial Applications
  • Molecular Approaches to Study the Microbial Community Structure and Function in the Rhizosphere
  • Index

Ajit Varma :- Ajit Varma, Ph.D. is Director General, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (Amity University, Uttar Pradesh) and Vice chairman, Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation. He was formerly Professor of Microbial Technology in School of life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research interest is mycorrhizal fungi and their biotechnological applications. Dr. Varma has published over 283 research articles, in national and international journals of repute, and also several major review articles and book chapters. He has published 31 books in the area of Microbial Technology published by Academic Press (London), CRC Press (USA), IDRC (Canada) and Springer-Verlag (Germany). Dr. Varma is a recipient of a large number if International Scientific Fellowships, to name a few: Commonwealth fellowship (Australia), national Research Council (Canada), Alexander Von-Humboldt Foundation (Germany).

Gopi K. Podila :-  
K. Podila, Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama, USA. He has been visiting Professor to a large number of universities in Europe and North America. He is serving on editorial board of prestigious journals like Symbiosis New Protection. Also serving on steering committee of 'International Ectomycorrhiza Genome Consortium', and Liason between the Ecto-and Endo -mycorrhizal Genome Sequencing Initiative. Dr. Podila has edited and contributed chapters including Functional Genomics and Microarray Analysis and Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine.  

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