Ethnobotany Himalayan Region, 1/e
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Ethnobotany Himalayan Region, 1/e

Author : S.K. Sood , A.K. Bhatnagar , Anjna Kharwal & T. N. Lakhanpal
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789382332374
Pages : 640
Binding : Hardback
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This invaluable compendium, the first of its type, is based on intensive ethnobotanical surveys undertaken by the authors in various rural pockets of Palampur Himalayas during the years 2003-2009, a region of the Himalayas which is at the confluence of the plains and blessed with remarkable natural beauty and high ranges of Dhauladhar Mountains at the backdrop with tops remains snow covered for most part of the year and significantly rich in ancient heritage, ethnic variability, floristic and cultural diversity. The main body of the textural matter comprises an exhaustive account of 336 promising plants (medicinal 224, edible 166, fodder 100, magico-religious 60, fuel 48, wood 35, household articles 16, aesthetic 12, beverages 10, fibre 10, condiments 11, hedges 9, local wine 9, dye 7, walking sticks 6, insecticidal 4, thatching 4, vermillion 4, bedding 3, insect repellent 3, nector 3, fish poison 2, miscellaneous 88) with multifaceted information on updated nomenclature; vernaculars, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Regional Names; Distribution; Description; Flowering & Fruiting; Habitat Ecology; Part/s Used; Folk Uses; Active Constituents; Biological Activity and Uses in Literature to serve as a valuable ready-reckoner to different stakeholders like pharmacists, medical practitioners, chemists, biotechnologists, plant geneticists, new entrepreneurs and technocrats, extension workers, students, researchers, policy planners, etc. Moreover, inclusion of information on economic valuation and availability of the underutilized Himalayan plant resources, nativity, 55 photographic plates, 42 tables, 25 figures, 6 useful appendices are the other added attractions that enhance the value of this unique treatise significantly.

  • First-ever comprehensive ready-reckoner of its type providing up-to-date information on multifaceted uses of promising 335 Himalayan plants.
  • Information based on actual field surveys.
  • Economic valuation of the source flora.
  • Native Status and Availability of the Plant Resources.
  • Neutraceutical Analysis of Some Underutilized Edibles.
  • Text illustrated with 55 colour plates, 42 tables and 25 figures.
  • Five user friendly appendices.

I. Introduction(Ethnobotany – A Multidisciplinary Natural Science, Indigenous Societies, The Himachal Himalayas – Land of Ethnic Communities, Current Status of Work on Ethnobotanical Spectrum of Indian Flora, The Study Area and Enumeration); II. Promising Himalayan Plants for Sustenance of Mankind; III. Epilogue(Ethnobotanical Spectrum, Observed Density and Availability of Underutilized Plant Resources, Neutraceutical Potential of Some Himalayan Edibles, Native Status of the Ethnobotanical Flora, Economic Valuation of the Source Flora, Conclusion); IV. Literature Cited; V. Plates; VI. Appendices(Index of Families – Appendix I; Index of Uses – Appendix II; Index of Plants Used for Various Edible Preparations – Appendix> III; Index of Plants with Additional Uses – Appendix IV, Index of Local Names – Appendix V, Index of Botanical Names — Appendix VI).

S.K. Sood :- S.K. Sood
Department of Biosciences
Himachal Pradesh University

A.K. Bhatnagar :- A.K. Bhatnagar
Department of Botany
University of Delhi

Anjna Kharwal :- Anjna Kharwal
Department of Biosciences
Himachal Pradesh University

T. N. Lakhanpal :- has served the Himachal Pradesh University Shimla as Professor, and Head, Department of Biosciences, Dean Faculty of Life Sciences and Director of Institute of Integrated Himalayan studies. He is a distinguished Mycologist, Plant Pathologist, and Microbiologist who is well known all over the world for his research contributions in mushrooms, mycorrihza, and ethno-mycology/ ethno-botany and slime fungi. He has published 12 books, over 200 research papers and guided 28 Ph D students. He has been the chairman/member of various national committees. He is also on the editorial board of a number of Journals besides being the member of number of societies and associations concerning mycology, plant pathology, microbiology and biotechnology.

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Ethnobotany Himalayan Region

By : S.K. Sood

Discount : 20.00 %

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