Plant Viruses, Diseases and Their Management, 1/e
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Plant Viruses, Diseases and Their Management, 1/e

Author : Kajal Kumar Biswas
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789384588816
Pages : 658
Binding : Paperback
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By Prof (Dr) SMPaul KHURANA

Professor of Biotechnolgy,AIB

The book is a praiseworthy attempt, comprehensively covering the theoretical and practical aspects of plant viruses and diseases caused by them. It provides a thorough insight into the molecular aspects of the pathogenic behaviour of the plant viruses and their management. Viruses are (economically) very important for most food & commercial crops worldwide. Plant virology as a subject is being taught & researched very much in India due to colossal economic losses to many of the commercial crops.

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By Dr. H K Singh

Associate Professor

I have gone through the book read every chapter and the pages. The book is wonderfully written comprising fundamental of the subject and latest up to date information related to various plant diseases caused by viruses and their management. This book is would serve as a reference book to post graduate students pursuing their master degree in Plant Pathology.

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By P Rawal

Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology

Recent advances in the discipline of plant virus have been due to several technologies, including the ability to clone and manipulate plant viral genomes, the ability to express viral sequences integrated into the plant genome, and ability to observe the behavior of the virus particle within the host cell. However, plant viruses still cause hazards to many economically important crops worldwide. Interest in plant virology has increased quite significantly in India, as plant viruses cause economic damage to many of the commercial crops every year. The book is meant for graduate and postgraduate students of agriculture, botany, entomology, microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology, and also for teachers teaching plant viruses.

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Plant Viruses, Diseases and Their Management consists of 19 chapters covering all the aspects of plant viruses, diseases and their management containing information of classical as well as advanced plant virology. This textbook has given information on new advances which are taking place in the fast-evolving field of Plant Virology. It contains different separate chapters on biological and molecular property, composition, morphology, nomenclature and modern classification of plant viruses and their description. This book includes chapters on identification, isolation and purification, and protein- and nucleic acid-based modern diagnostic techniques of plant virus. The book also deals with ecology and epidemiology and general management strategies of plant viruses. Virus genome organization, genome strategy and gene function, virus replication and virus movement have also been covered extensively and illustrated diagrammatically in an organized way. Transmission of plant viruses by various biological and other means; and molecular mechanism virus-vector interaction has been covered elaborately. This book also includes a large chapter that covers almost all the important plant virus diseases occurring in India and their management. The last chapter contains practical manual and protocols of advanced techniques that will help the researcher and plant virologist. With its focus and coverage, this book serves as a text book for undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars in Plant Virology, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Microbiology, Agriculture, Botany, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. This book will help teachers to prepare lectures for the students in different discipline of biological and agricultural science.

  • Apart from providing information on ecology, epidemiology and general management strategies of plant virus related diseases, the book also includes latest techniques in plant virology like ELISA, electron microscopy, DIBA, nucleic acid hybridization, etc.
  • The book covers genome structure, genome organization and architecture of viruses, gene expression and function, and replication in depth.
  • The contents include dedicated chapters on modes of viral transmission through insects, nematodes and fungi as well as through seeds, and advancements made in understanding the virusvector interaction for transmission of viruses.
  • The text is supplemented with numerous well-labelled diagrams and appropriate use of color plates.

1. History and milestone in plant virology
2. Symptomatology and physiological changes
3. Virus components and morphology
4. Genome structure and organization
5. Morphology of virus
6. Sub-viral agents
7. Virus classification
8. Transmission of plant virus: Mechanical, vegetative, dodder and seed transmission
9. Transmission of plant virus: Vector transmission
10. Virus description
11. Expression and function of virus gene
12. Replication of pant viruses
13. Virus movement and distribution in the plant
14. Plant virus variation and evolution
15. Identification, isolation, purification, detection of virus
16. Plant virus ecology and epidemiology
17. Virus diseases in plant
18. General management strategies of virus diseases
19. Advanced techniques in Plant virology

Kajal Kumar Biswas :- Dr. Kajal Kumar Biswas, presently working as Principal Scientist, Advanced Centre of Plant Virology, Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricutural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, did his M.Sc (Ag) in Plant Pathology in Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur in 1992, and PhD in Plant Pathology (Plant Virology) at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi in 1997. He has been involved in doing research in plant research during last 24 years and teaching and guiding MSc. and PhD students in Plant Virology. He did his Post Doctorate in advanced molecular plant virology in University of Florida, Gainesville, USA during 2002-2004. He has also worked in Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad as Scientist and IARI-Regional Station, Kalimpong as Senior Scientist and In-charge. He has been awarded the Prof. M. J. Narashimhan Academic Award by Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS), New Delhi (1999); FPSI (Fellow of IPS) (2012), New Delhi; SPPS Meritorious Scientist Award by Society of Plant Protection Society, New Delhi (2010); Shiksha Ratan Puraskar, India International Friendship Society, New Delhi ((2011); Editor (Plant Virology) (2014), IPS, New Delhi. He has published 40 research papers, 10 book chapters, one training manuals, 41 research abstracts in National and International Symposia, and attended 23 National and International Symposia.

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Plant Viruses, Diseases and ...

By : Kajal Kumar Biswas

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