Chromosomes to Genome  , 1/e
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Chromosomes to Genome , 1/e

Editor : Rakesh K. Mishra
© Year : 2009
ISBN : 9789380026213
Pages : 226
Binding : Hardback
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Increasing number of complete genome sequences in the past decade has enhanced our understanding of chromosomal basis of genetic inheritance to molecular level. Chromosomes to Genome presents the historical perspective as well as the current state of this journey from chromosomes to genome.
The book presents complex topics in a simplified manner that is accessible to any student of biology. Each chapter provides a historical account of the field and reviews the recent work in this area, puts the subject in appropriate perspective and makes reading enjoyable. The book provides ‘genomic account’ of evolutionary history of emergence of complexity from simple living systems. It also gives glimpses of intricate regulatory mechanisms that act on genomic information during differentiation of different cell types.
Each chapter is written by well-known practising scientists leading very active and competitive groups engaged in unravelling the secrets hidden in the complex trail of DNA double helix in the immensely dense forest of eukaryotic nucleus. Availability of large number of genomes and emergence of new technologies has boosted the speed and scale of research chromosome biology and genomics to an unprecedented level. Each chapter reflects this dynamic and exciting aspect. From how genome is packaged within the nucleus to bring out complexity of eukaryotic gene regulation to how when anything goes wrong with this process disease conditions set in, this book covers landmark aspects of modern biology of genetic inheritance. While it serves as valuable reference for experts as well as students in the file of molecular and cytogenetics and genomics, the book is also accessible to those with more general interest in biology.

Salient Features:

  • The book deals with the milestone discoveries and advancements in the quest for unravelling genomics from chromosomal studies.
  • Human diseases and the underlying genetic dynamics form the major emphasis of the book.
  • A variety of colour diagrams and photomicrographs have been included to aid the understanding of the concepts.
  • The chapters are contributed by eminent scientists from India, the USA, the UK and Germany.

  • Snake’s Eye-view of Adam and Eve: From Chromosomes to Genome
  • The Neglected Parts of the Genome: Half a Century of Satellite DNA
  • Genome to Epigenome
  • Coordinated Demethylation and Methylation of Histones Controls Heterochromatin formation and gene silencing in Drosophila
  • Regulation of Higher Order Chromatin Organization and Function
  • Azoosperima factor (AZF) genes function for human male fertility
  • Hormonal signaling via nuclear receptors
  • Genomics of human sarcomas
  • Telomere dynamics in aging and cancer
  • Genetic basis of tropical calcific pancreatitis: Similar finds, different minds
  • Human genetic variations in India: Origin and disease perspectives
  • Heterochromatin on human Y-chromosome reveals new paradigms in regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes
  • Index

Rakesh K. Mishra :- Rakesh K. Mishra, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India

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Chromosomes to Genome

By : Rakesh K. Mishra

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