Microbes in Practice, 1/e
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Microbes in Practice, 1/e

Author : Prakash S. Bisen
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789382332961
Pages : 1332
Binding : Paperback
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Microbes in Practice deals with almost every aspect of human existence, identifies several important technologies now used that are critical to fulfilling the potential of microbes. Microbiology impinges mostly with the large group of fungi, bacteria and viruses which equal in diversity and physiological phenomena the more traditional group of organisms within the disciplines of botany and zoology. During recent years the study of microorganisms has contributed important insights into the basic problems of biology. Because of their ease of manipulation, rapid growth, highly developed capacity for adaptation, and other properties, microorganisms are one of the preferred objects of research in biochemistry and genetics. The topics and the techniques described in the book reflect this diversity. The methods described are in simple language supplemented with sufficient illustrations and various media composition. The chapters have been made complete by giving the expected results and flow charts to make experiments easier and enjoyable. The subject matter and the results are illustrated with line diagrams in a lucid manner. Beginning with the characteristic difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes and classification of microorganisms the book depicts the various methods employed to characterize and cultivate different forms of microbes, different media used and various procedures involved with the isolation and characterization of microorganisms. Several staining procedures, chemical compositions of media, biochemical tests, medical microbiology and immunology, microbes in relation to plants, waste management, industrial application, aquatic environment and soil has been compiled at one place in different chapters. Separate chapters have been formulated for dairy and food microbiology and medical microbiology and immunology with application of membrane filter technique, standard plate count at several places. Mushroom cultivation technology has been described in depth. The exercises have been formulated by keeping in mind the hazards of chemicals and only those exercises are given which minimize the exposure of students to potentially pathogenic organisms and hazardous chemicals.

  • Covers in depth bacteriology, mycology, immunology, and virology.
  • Comprehensively deals with aspects like characterization, identification, isolation, culture, control, morphology, biochemistry, metabolism etc.
  • Profusely illustrated with line diagrams, sketches, photographs and photomicrographs.
  • Expected results and flowcharts are included in the chapters for easy experimentation.
  • Several staining procedures, chemical compositions of media, biochemical tests, medical microbiology and immunology, microbes in relation to plants, waste management, industrial application, aquatic environment and soil have been provided.
  • Emphasis is given on applied aspects like food microbiology, medical microbiology, immunology, industrial microbiology etc.

1. Microbial World
2. Preservation and Culture Collection of Microorganisms
3. Culture Medium
4. Sterilisation
5. Microbial Growth
6. Microbial Staining
7. Biochemical Tests
8. Microbial Taxonomy
9. Microbial Phylogeny
10. Prokaryotes
11.  Eukaryotes
12. Biology of Viruses
13. Identification of Microbes
14. Microbial Genetics
15. Soil Microbiology
16. The Aquatic Environment
17. Air Microbiology
18. Microbes and Plants
19. Medical Microbiology and Immunology
20.  Microbes in Waste Management
21. Microbes in Food and Dairy Production
22. The Industrial Uses of Microorganism.

Prakash S. Bisen :- Prakash S. Bisen, Honorary Emeritus Professor, School of Studies in Biotechnology, Jiwaji Universit, Gwalior

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Microbes in Practice

By : Prakash S. Bisen

Discount : 20.00 %

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