Microbes: Health and Environment , 1/e
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Microbes: Health and Environment , 1/e

Editor : Ashok K. Chauhan & Ajit Varma
© Year : 2006
ISBN : 9788188237517
Pages : 448
Binding : Hardback
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Microbes: Health and Environment highlights the interrelatedness of microbes with life and environment. It stresses that microbes have a beneficial impact on human life and environment. It covers the various aspects of microbes such as molecular biology, interrelationships, microbial intervention in our environment, microbial biotechnology, genetics, their immunology, biochemistry, economic importance, interaction with medicinal plants, human beings, industrial relevance, influence on our health and so on. It is an asset for enterprising students, teachers and scientists.

  • Containing 17 research papers and review articles contributed by 42 eminent scientists, the book presents information on impact of microbes on our health and environment.
  • The book emphasizes the need for conservation of the medicinally important microbial plants, for the benefit of academicians and industrialists.
  • Also covered are: microbial associations; symbiotic relationships; use as bio-fertilizers, pigments, pharmaceuticals and in bioremediation; role in soil ecosystem and so on.
  • Covers the importance of Fungus protoplasts, which serve as a potent tool for fungal biotechnology research.

1. Impact of Microorganisms on Environment and Health
2. Synergism between Medicinal Plants and Microbes
3. Gloriosa superba L.: Biology and Biotechnological Strategies for Conservation
4. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Ayurvedic Plant Drugs: An Appraisal of Evidence Based Researches
5. Cyanobacteria for Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture
6. Cyanobacterial Secondary Metabolites: Emerging Trends and Prospects
7. Inter-Relationships of Physical and Biological Aspects of Soil Health in Sandy Soil
8. Clostridium botulinum: The source of Bioterror and Beauty
9. Forms and Functions of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria
10. Microbial Population and Biomass C and N in the Rhizophere of Albizia Iebbeck L. and Gmelina arborea Roxb. in a ‘jhum’ fallow in Northeast India
11. Effect of Co-inoculation of AM fungi and Bradyrhizobium japonicum on Nodulation, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Contents in Soya bean
12. Fungus Protoplast: Impediments on Biotechnology
13. Fungal Phytases in Ameliorating Nutritional Status of Foods and Combating Environmental Phosphorus Pollution
14. Microbial Intervention in Arsenic Rich Environment
15. Applications of Alkalistable and Thermostable Microbial Xylanolytic Enzymes in Pulp and Paper Industry
16. Bioleaching and Microbial Mineral Degradation
17. Environmental Benefits of Xylanase-Assisted Prebleaching of Kraft Pulps

Ashok K. Chauhan :- Ashok K Chauhan, Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry (Germany), is the founder President of Ritnanad Balvaed Education foundation, an umbrella organicazation of Amity Group of Institutions. Under the guidance of Dr Chauhan the Amity group expanded into higher education and within a few years has grown to serve more than 60,000 full-time students across 22 campuses, offering more than 130 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Over the years. Dr Chauhan has won numerous honors and awards in Europe and India. Dr Chauhan has founder and leads a multitude of educational and philanthropic institutions, including the Europa India Foundation, Amity Humanity Foundation, Amity Research Foundation and Ritnand Balved Medical Foundation.

Ajit Varma :- Ajit Varma, Ph.D. is Director General, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (Amity University, Uttar Pradesh) and Vice chairman, Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation. He was formerly Professor of Microbial Technology in School of life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research interest is mycorrhizal fungi and their biotechnological applications. Dr. Varma has published over 283 research articles, in national and international journals of repute, and also several major review articles and book chapters. He has published 31 books in the area of Microbial Technology published by Academic Press (London), CRC Press (USA), IDRC (Canada) and Springer-Verlag (Germany). Dr. Varma is a recipient of a large number if International Scientific Fellowships, to name a few: Commonwealth fellowship (Australia), national Research Council (Canada), Alexander Von-Humboldt Foundation (Germany).

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By : Ashok K. Chauhan

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