Color Atlas of Reconstructive Microsurgery, 1/e
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Color Atlas of Reconstructive Microsurgery, 1/e

© Year : 2006
ISBN : 9788188237739
Pages : 126
Binding : Hardback
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Contemporary medical strides have taken people to great surprise. Reconstructive medical surgery sees a surgical strategy with the concept of autogenesis vascularized nerve transfer systems. A pioneering effort has been taken by the author and we are hopeful that this volume would be of extreme importance to Orthopaedicians, Orthosurgeons and Microsurgeons. Color Atlas of Reconstructive Microsurgery is an eye opener to all those treating nerve disorder. The book teaches of surgical strategy and the nitty gritties involved in the correction of disorder through microsurgery. The main objective is on active hip extension and abduction for mobility. Orthopaedicians and students of orthopedics will find this atlas as a gold standard for optimum results. Gurvinder Singh Sawhney is an Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Microsrugeon. He is a Consultant in Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Microsurgery at Guru Nanak Hospital, Mumbai, Superspeciality Surgeon in Reconstructive Microsurgery and Joint Replacement at Nanavati Hospital Mediclub Clinic, Mumbai, and Visiting Consultant in Joint Replacement Cumballa Hill Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai

  • The book focuses on the nerve disorders and the surgical strategies, and dwells the minute details involved in the correction of disorders through microsurgery.
  • This book is divided into three sections; section 1 deals with vascularized autogenous bypass biological nerve conduit (VABBNEC) and nerve transfer (VABBNET), section II lays the picture gallery, and section III explains the recovery pattern and result analysis.
  • Brief anatomical background, disease causes and clinical parameters have been duly highlighted.

1- Vascularized Autogenous Bypass Biological Nerve Condult (VABBNEC) and Nerve Transfer (VABBNET)
(i)Challenges to Nerve Regeneration
(ii)Challenges to Axonal Regeneration
(iii)Axon and Neuron
(v)Physiology of Muscle Contraction
(vi)Plexus Paralysis Model: Plexoathies
2- Picture Gallery / Atlas
(vii)VABBNET – UST – 1 SD
(viii)VABBNET – UST – 2 GP
(ix)VABBNET – UST – GP Rehabilitation
(x)VABBNET – IPMNG 1 – GP Rehabilitation
3- Recovery Pattern and Result Analysis
(xi) Recovery Pattern
(xii) Result analysis

G.S. Sawhney :- G. S. Sawhney is Professor and Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, AIMT, Greater Noida. Earlier, he was professor and Head at GNIT, Greater Noida and LKCE, Ghaziabad. Prof. G.S. Sawhney obtained his B.Tech degree from I.I.T. Madras and ME degree from Pune University. He has experience of 45 years and authored more than 20 books on various Mechanical Engineering subjects.

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