Acoustic Analyses Using Matlab® And Ansys®, 1/e
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Acoustic Analyses Using Matlab® And Ansys®, 1/e

Author : Carl Q. Howard & Benjamin S. Cazzolato
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9781482223255
Pages : 708
Binding : Hardback
Weight : 1.20   kg

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Techniques and Tools for Solving Acoustics Problems This is the first book of its kind that describes the use of ANSYS® finite element analysis (FEA) software, and MATLAB® engineering programming software to solve acoustic problems. It covers simple text book problems, such as determining the natural frequencies of a duct, to progressively more complex problems that can only be solved using FEA software, such as acoustic absorption and fluid-structure-interaction. It also presents benchmark cases that can be used as starting points for analysis. There are practical hints too for using ANSYS software. The material describes how to solve numerous problems theoretically, and how to obtain solutions from the theory using MATLAB engineering software, as well as analyzing the same problem using ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Mechanical APDL. Developed for the Practicing Engineer Free downloads on, including MATLAB source code, ANSYS APDL models, and ANSYS Workbench models Includes readers' techniques and tips for new and experienced users of ANSYS software Identifies bugs and deficiencies to help practitioners avoid making mistakes Acoustic Analyses Using MATLAB® and ANSYS® can be used as a textbook for graduate students in acoustics, vibration, and related areas in engineering; undergraduates in mechanical and electrical engineering; and as an authoritative reference for industry professionals.

Uses MATLAB and ANSYS for acoustic analysis
Provides free downloads, including MATLAB source code, ANSYS APDL models, and ANSYS Workbench models
Describes examples that can be used as verification cases: practitioners can use the models provided in the book to verify that their particular problems predict the same results as theory and finite element analysis
Identifies errors to help practitioners avoid making mistakes

About This Book
A Philosophy for Finite Element Modelling
Analysis Types
Learning Outcomes
Pressure Formulated Acoustic Elements
Fluid Structure Interaction
Displacement Formulated Acoustic Elements
Practical Aspects of Modelling Acoustic Systems with FEA
Element Types in ANSYS for Acoustic Analyses
ACT Acoustics Extension
Other Acoustic Loads
Other Measures of Acoustic Energy
Mesh Density
Use of Symmetry
Learning Outcomes
Example of a Circular Duct
Resonator Silencers
Non-Plane Waves
Gas Temperature Variations
Sound Inside a Rigid-Walled Cavity
Learning Outcomes
Description of the System
Introduction to Damped Acoustic Systems
Learning Outcomes
General Discussion of Damping of Vibro-Acoustic Systems in ANSYS
Example: 2D Impedance Tube with a Real Admittance
Example: 2D Impedance Tube with a Complex Termination
Example: 2D Impedance Tube
Example: 3D Impedance Tube
Example: 3D Waveguide with Visco-Thermal Losses
Application of Spectral Damping to a Rigid Walled Cavity
Sound Absorption in a Lined Duct
Learning Outcomes
Description of the System
Example - Locally Reacting Liner
Example - Bulk Reacting Liner
Room Acoustics
Learning Outcomes
Description of the System
Example: Reverberation Room
Radiation and Scattering
Learning Outcomes
Wave Absorbing Conditions
Example: Directivity of Acoustic Wave Sources
Example: Radiation of a Baffled Piston
Example: Scattering from a Cylinder
Fluid Structure Interaction
Learning Outcomes
Fluid Structure Interaction Using ANSYS
FSI Using Modal Coupling
Example: Flexible Plate Attached to an Acoustic Cavity
Example: Transmission Loss of a Simply Supported Panel
A. Files Included With This Book
B. Advice for Using ANSYS
C. MATLAB Functions for Modal Coupling
D. Errors
E. Export of Nodal Area from ANSYS

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