A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry, 1/e
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A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry, 1/e

Author : V. Subramanian
© Year : 2011
ISBN : 9789381141199
Pages : 498
Binding : Paperback
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This book addresses key topics related to the broad subject of "Environmental Chemistry". The book tries to present the topics that are essential to understand the chemical process in our environment—involving air,, water, and soil. Chapters that are very much current such as environmental nuclear chemistry, analytical tools needed for chemical aspect of our environment, solid waste and management methodology, quality criteria for air and water have all been treated in a simple fashion so that a reader can refer to advanced books in specific topics for better understanding. A brief review of fundamentals of chemistry is also included. References are listed that are easily available in the subcontinent and also many commonly accessed websites are also mentioned for better and detailed information on specific topics or sub-topics. The book follows the syllabus for "Environmental Chemistry" by UGC for M.Sc. as ell as by AICTE for M.Tech/B.Tech students in environmental engineering. The contents can be covered either in one semester course or in an annual mode with spread out teaching. Topics mentioned in this book can also form independent modules.

Salient Features:

  • Covers all the important aspects including chemistry of atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, soil chemistry, waste chemistry, acid rain phenomenon, green chemistry and so on.
  • Includes a chapter on analytical techniques in environmental chemistry to help the readers in data generation.
  • Each chapter first gives an overview of the topic explained in detail, and ends with a summary and practice questions.
  • All the cycles have been dealt in detail.
  • Examples and important data in the form of boxed exhibits are abundantly given.

  • A Review of Basic Chemistry
  • Chemistry of the Earth
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemical Aspects of Air Pollution
  • Water Chemistry
  • Chemical Aspects of Water Pollution
  • Environmental Chemistry of Soil
  • Chemical Aspecs of Soil Contamination
  • Waste Chemistry and Management
  • Environmental Chemistry of Isotopes
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Green Chemistry and Toxic Chemicals in the Environment
  • Index.

V. Subramanian :- since his return from North America after his Ph.D. and teaching, has been working at JNU on various topics related to geochemistry for over three decades. More than 35 students did their Ph.D. under him over the years and he has authored or co-authored more than 175 technical international publications as well as three single author books. Topics covered over the years include heavy metals in environment, nutrients, carbon cycle, trace gas emission, water quality, chemistry and pollution, ecology and environment, soil and sediment chemistry, coastal pollution, etc. He has been associated with several international institutions/organizations either as member or guest faculty from time to time. At present he is working as Emeritus Fellow in Environmental Science at JNU.

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A Textbook of Environmental ...

By : V. Subramanian

Price : 54.00

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