Innovative Approach of Physicochemical Analysis
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Innovative Approach of Physicochemical Analysis

Author : Man Singh
© Year : 2020
ISBN : 9789384588953
Pages : 684
Binding : Hardback
Dimension : 7 x 9.5
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Innovative Approach to Physicochemical Analysis deals with substantial and conceptual explanations of physicochemical systems, stability, properties and applicability in relevant areas. It tracks and focuses frontiers of molecular interactions and their potential interfaces that are highly applicable in academics and various industries like chemical sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biochemical engineering, nanosciences, biophysics, drug binding and release systems, cosmetics, agrochemical, rheology of food and nutrition, and critical solvents via interaction engineering.
Fundamentally, this book establishes an operational link between ';formulation of liquid mixtures and molecular interaction engineering through the physicochemical properties (PCPs)' as a physicochemical technology of material sciences, depicted as physmatology. This link leads to developing a new thrust area of current research due to its emergence as an interdisciplinary subject for multidisciplinary applications in understanding foundational theories of molecular dynamics in varieties of liquid mixtures.

  • With its coverage and treatment, this is one of the most authoritative and exhaustive treatises in the field of physicochemical properties of liquid mixtures.
  • The core focus of the book is around liquid mixtures, their nature, components, and behavior demonstrated with various theories like surface tension, entropy, friccohesity, etc., and devices like the Survismeter.
  • The book concludes with a rich question bank for the readers to test their knowledge and level of understanding.

  1. Introduction
  2.  New Initiatives and Understanding of Liquid Models
  3.  Structural Components and Foundations of Physicochemical Properties
  4.  Structural Initiations for Originating Physicochemical State
  5.  Multiphysicochemical Parameters Measuring Device: Survismeter
  6.  Friccohesity: A Way of Structural Treatment
  7.  Thermodynamics Profile of Emulsions or Nanoemulsions
  8.  Virtual Concepts about Plate Theory of Laminar Flow
  9.  Foundation and Conceptualization of Green Laboratory
10. Friccohesity in Everyday Life: A Critical Concept to Work With
11. Basic Understanding of Green Physicochemical Approaches
12. Developing Hypothesis
13. Neo-London Dispersive Forces: Pairwise Interaction
14. Thermodynamics Applications in Nanotechnology
15. Law of Structure and Activity Relationship
16. Wetting Economy: Saving of Pesticides and Preventing Pollution
17. Molecular Motions, the Fundamental Factors Affecting Friccohesity
18. Multiphysicochemical Parameters Measuring Device: Survismeter
19. Emulsion Polymerization
20. Fundamental Understanding of Emulsions and Their Formulation
21. Theories of Emulsification
22. Thermodynamics of Lyophobic Colloids and Surface Cohesive Energy
23. Understanding Dynamics of Molecules via Queries
24. Electrodynamic Shock Vibrator
25. Determination of van der Waals Forces and Friccohesity
26. Friccohesity and Nanoparticles
27. Science of Partial Molar Volumes
28. How to Measure Partial Molar Volumes
29. Process of Solution's Coordinates
30. Friccohesity of Particle Distribution in Mixture
31. Molecular Stretching and Entropy
32. Scientist and State of New Art
33. Thermodynamics as Natural Science
34. Physicochemical Indicators (PCIs)
  1.  Understanding Hypothesis and Science of Survismeter via Questions
  2.  Creative and Innovative Questions      
  3.  Questions for Advanced Understanding
  4.  Questions Relating to Thermodynamic Treatment of Liquid Mixtures   
  5.  Macromolecule Related Questions      
  6.  Innovative Questions on Physicochemical Sciences     

Man Singh :- obtained his PhD in area of thermodynamics of structured liquid mixtures from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi (1987), and did postdoctoral work from School of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University (2007-2008), Japan. He has taught physicochemical sciences in Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia (1999-2001); undergone an intensified course of ';molecular self-assemblies' conducted by Department of Chemistry, Delaware University, USA (2007); training course on fundamentals of NMR in Zurich, Switzerland (2012); and Gaussian patterns of theoretical features of atoms in molecule at Ulm Germany (2014). In the year 2009, he joined Central University of Gujarat as Professor of Chemistry and is a Founder Professor and Dean, School of Chemical Sciences, Central University of Gujarat. Prof. Singh, as Visiting Professor, introduced the Molecular Interaction Engineering, a special curriculum to Master's in Universytet Kardynala Stefana Warsaw, Poland from September 2015 to November 2015.

He has established a new area of research noted as Thermodynamics of Molecular Interaction Engineering and during his academic career, he has come up with new inventions, equations and concepts. His invention, Survismeter, is commercialized by Borosil and US patent is granted to oscosurvismeter. European patent is granted for tohesive forces and microfluidics or friccofluidics. Friccohesity, which effectively advances the understanding of molecular interactions out of cohesive and frictional forces, NOSIA (non-breakable sodium ignition apparatus), econoburette, visionmeter, tentropy, and Man Singh equation and Man Singh constant have been his effective breakthroughs.

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