Specialty Polymers: Materials and Applications , 1/e
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Specialty Polymers: Materials and Applications , 1/e

Editor : Faiz Mohammad
© Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788188237654
Pages : 608
Binding : Hardback
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The synthetic counterparts of natural polymeric materials are now finding applications as light weight, mechanically strong and environmentally stable sheets, fibers, films, adhesives, paints and foams and thus have replaced most of the commodity and structural materials. The systematic research on the preparation, characterization and utilization of plastics resulted into newer and newer polymers of much better and often a set of several desirable properties in a single polymer and the polymers have established their place in engineering applications as well. Although the bulk of plastics production is of relatively simple commodity polymers, the proportion of specially designed and tailor-made plastics for specific and sophisticated applications is also increasing with a great pace. The specialty plastics as well as their use in specific and sophisticated applications are the key to the continued scientific growth and technological advances in the new millennium. This book thoroughly covers today’s rapidly growing topics on the specialty polymers and their applications in most sophisticated and specialized areas. It gives the up-to-date in depth knowledge and extremely comprehensive details of the chemistry, physics, material science, technology and device applications of specialty polymers. This comprehensive book containing 16 state-of-art-review chapters in the result of untiring efforts of 35 most renowned experts from national and international scientific community. This book is thought provoking to the researchers working in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, polymer chemistry, semiconductor physics, material science, electrochemistry, biology, electronics, photonics, material science, solid state physics, nanotechnology, electrical and electronics engineering, optical engineering, device engineering, data storage etc.,

  • Thoroughly covers the topics on specialty polymers and their applications in the most sophisticated and specialized areas.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of chemistry, physics, materials science, and technology and device applications of specialty polymers.
  • Contributed by 36 eminent scientists and researchers from many parts of the globe.

1. Liquid Crystal Conducting Polymers
2. Polyanilines: Materials and Applications
3. Polymer Nanofibers: Fabrication, Applications and Characterization
4. Magnetic Polymer Microspheres
5. Intrinsically Conducting Polymers for Metallic Corrosion Protection
6. Inorganic Polymers for Advanced Applications
7. Light Weight Polymer Composite Materials for Automotive Industry
8. Conducting Polymer-Based Sensors
9. Photo-Converters Based on Dye-Doped Polymers
10. Polymers in Medicine
11. Luminescent Polymers
12. Polymers in Electronics
13. Ion Conducting Polymers
14. Specialty Coatings and Adhesives
15. Recombinant Polypeptides in Therapeutics
16. Electrically Conducting Polymer Composites
17. Index.

Faiz Mohammad :- Dr. Faiz Mohammad, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University

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