Linear Algebra, 1/e
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Linear Algebra, 1/e

Author : Mohd Zubair Khan
© Year : 2021
ISBN : 9789390620111
Pages : 280
Binding : Paperback
Dimension : 18 x 24
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Linear Algebra will be a very useful resource for the students and researchers who want to understand the key concepts of Linear Algebra in an easy way. This book has been divided into nine chapters with Chapter 1, 2 and 3 focusing on different types of matrices, sets, groups, rings and fields, vector spaces, and linear dependence and independence along with examples. Chapter 4 and 5 covers linear transformations along with the matrix representation of the sum and composition of linear transformations. Chapter 6 is dedicated to dual spaces whereas Chapter 7 describe an important topic of eigen values and eigen vectors. Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 deals with inner product, bilinear functional and quadratic forms. This book also contains good number of solved examples which help the reader in better understanding of the topic.

1. Matrices and Linear Equations
2. Sets and Algebraic Structures
3. Vector Spaces
4. Linear Transformation
5. Algebra of Linear Transformations
6. Dual Spaces
7. Diagonalization
8. Inner Product Spaces
9. Bilinear and Quadratic Forms

Mohd Zubair Khan :- In 1967, Prof. Mohd Zubair Khan was appointed as lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Later on, he was promoted to the position of Professor in 1988.  Prof. Khan has got vast teaching career of around forty-five years. He was the leading Algebraist known for his conceptual teaching and research. Prof. Khan has published several papers in various reputed journals. Prof. Khan also served as the Proctor, Dean Students' Welfare and the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics.

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Linear Algebra

By : Mohd Zubair Khan

Discount : 20.00 %

Price :   35.00      28.00

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