Numerical Analysis: Iterative Methods, 1/e
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Numerical Analysis: Iterative Methods, 1/e

Author : V.B.K. Vatti
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789385909009
Pages : 228
Binding : Hardback
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Iterative methods or those methods by which approximations are improved until one receives an accurate value comprise an important learning objective in mathematics. Keeping this in mind, the main objective of this book is to incorporate important iterative methods in a single volume, at an appropriate depth. This will enable students and researchers to apply these iterative techniques to scientific and engineering problems. The text discusses in detail the methods of solving linear systems of equations, nonlinear equations, system of non-linear equations, initial value problems and partial differential equations of all the three types by the use of iterative methods. The text is substantiated with 335 problems including many solved examples and exercises with answers at the end of each chapter.

  • The book comprises five chapters and each of them discusses the method of employing the conventional and new iterative techniques to the problems of interest in a simple and elegant manner.
  • Illustrative examples and exercises at the end of each chapter with answers are included throughout the book to facilitate an easier understanding of the subject.
  • Numerical computations featured in this book further offer special interest to engineers, researchers and computational scientists.
  • The major results of the book are expected to find applications in many areas of engineering, science and technology.
  • The topics covered in the book are explicit in nature, student friendly and self-explanatory.

1. Numerical Solution of Linear Systems of Equations
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Jacobi Iterative Method
1.3 Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method
1.4 Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) Method
1.5 Refinement of Jacobi Method
1.6 Refinement of Gauss-Seidel Method
1.7 Refinement of SOR Method
1.8 Spectral Radii Comparison of Iterative Methods
1.9 Accelerated Over-relaxation (AOR) Method
1.10 Accelerated Gauss-Seidel (AGS) Method
1.11 Extrapolated Accelerated Gauss-Seidel (EAGS) Method
1.12 EAGS Method of Second Degree
1.13 Alternating Direction Implicit Iteration Method
1.14 Spectral Radius of the Variant of ADI Matrix
1.15 Numerical Finding of Largest and Smallest Eigenvalues: Power Method

2. Numerical Solution of Non-linear Equations
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Graphical Method
2.3 Bisection Method
2.4 Iteration Method
2.5 Acceleration of Convergence
2.6 Wegstein’s Method
2.7 Aitken’s 2 Method
2.8 Extrapolated Iterative Method
2.9 Method of False-Position (or) Regula-Falsi Method
2.10 Secant Method
2.11 Newton-Raphson (N-R) Method
2.12 Some Variants of Newton-Raphson Method
2.13 Newton-Raphson Method for Multiple Roots (or) Generalized Newton Raphson (GN-R) Method
2.14 Generalized Extrapolated Newton-Raphson (GEN-R) Method
2.15 Two-Step Iterative Methods for Solving Non-linear Equations

3. Numerical Solution of System of Non-linear Equations
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Successive Approximation (or) Iteration Method
3.3 Multi-variable Newton’s Method
3.4 Extrapolated Successive Approximation (ESA) Method
3.5 Accelerated Multi-Variable Newton’s (AMVN) Method
3.6 Fixed Point Accelerated Multi-Variable Newton’s (AMVN) Method
3.7 Numerical Finding of Complex Roots

4. Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problems
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Taylor Series Method
4.3 Picard’s Method
4.4 Euler’s Method
4.5 Modified Euler’s Method
4.6 Runge-Kutta Method of Order Two
4.7 Runge-Kutta Method of Order Four
4.8 Runge-Kutta Method for Simultaneous Differential Equations
4.9 Predictor-Corrector Methods
5. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Finite-Difference Approximations to Partial Derivatives
5.3 Condition for the Negativeness of the Eigenvalues of the Jacobian Matrix
5.4 An Upper Bound for the Spectral Radius of the Jacobi Matrix
5.5 Convergence of the Modified Jacobi Method
5.6 Numerical Solution of Laplace Equation
5.7 Refinement of Jacobi Method for the Solution of Laplace Equation
5.8 Refinement of Gauss-Seidel Method for the Solution of Laplace Equation
5.9 Refinement of SOR Method for the Solution of Laplace Equation
5.10 Alternating Direction Implicit Iteration
5.11 Bounds for the Eigenvalues of H, V, D–1H, D–1V
5.12 Parabolic Equations
5.13 Crank-Nicolson Method
5.14 Hyperbolic Equations

V.B.K. Vatti :- Professor of Engineering Mathematics, Andhra University, obtained his doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay after pursuing graduation and post-graduation from Andhra University. He has nearly about 35 years of teaching experience apart from research imparting various mathematical and computational skills to the UG and PG students of engineering. He has nearly 75 publications to his credit in various national and international journals and guided Indian and foreign students amounting to a decent number to obtain their PhD and MPhil degrees.
         He has also served the university in various capacities such as coordinator of University Grants Commission, Chief of Employment and Guidance Bureau, HoD of Engineering Mathematics and Chairman of Common Board of Studies in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and HSS of engineering. He has authored 2 Text Books namely Numerical Analysis: Iterative Methods and Graduate Engineering Mathematics and also co-authored a few books on mathematics for the benefit of distance education students of Andhra University.

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