Risk Analysis, 2nd Edition
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Risk Analysis, 2nd Edition

Author : Terje Aven
© Year : 2018
ISBN : 9788126574209
Pages : 216
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 0.30   kg

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A practical guide to the varied challenges presented in the ever-growing field of risk analysis.

Risk Analysis presents an accessible and concise guide to performing risk analysis, in a wide variety of field, with minimal prior knowledge required. Forming an ideal companion volume to Aven's previous Wiley text Foundations of Risk Analysis, it provides clear recommendations and guidance in the planning, execution anduse of risk analysis.

This new edition presents recent developments related to risk conceptualization, focusing on related issues on risk assessment and their application. New examples are also featured to clarify the reader's understanding in the application of risk analysis and the risk analysis process.

Fully updated to include recent developments related to risk conceptualization
and related issues on risk assessments and their applications.

Emphasizes the decision making context of risk analysis rather than just computing probabilities

Demonstrates how to carry out predictive risk analysis using a variety of case studies and examples.

Written by an experienced expert in the field, in a style suitable for both industrial and academic audiences.

1 What is a risk analysis? 
2 What is risk?
3 The risk analysis process: planning
4 The risk analysis process: risk assessment
5 The risk analysis process: risk treatment 
6 Risk analysis methods
7 Safety measures for a road tunnel
8 Risk analysis process for an offshore installation
9 Production assurance
10 Risk analysis process for a cash depot
11 Risk analysis process for municipalities
12 Risk analysis process for the entire enterprise
13 Discussion
A Probability calculus and statistics
B Introduction to reliability analysis
C Approach for selecting risk analysis methods
D Terminology

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