Condensed Matter Physics, 2/e
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Condensed Matter Physics, 2/e

Author : Michael P. Marder
© Year : 2015
ISBN : 9788126565054
Pages : 979
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 1.50   kg

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This Second Edition of the unified treatment of condensed matter physics keeps the best of the first, providing a basic foundation in the subject while addressing many recent discoveries. Comprehensive and authoritative, it consolidates the critical advances of the past fifty years, bringing together an exciting collection of new and classic topics, dozens of new figures, and  new experimental data.

This updated edition offers a thorough treatment of such basic topics as band theory, transport  theory , and semiconductor physics, as  well  as  more  modern  areas  such  as  quasi crystals , dynamics of phase separation, granular materials, quantum dots, Berry phases, the  quantum Hall effect, and Luttinger liquids. In addition to careful study of electron dynamics , electronics , and superconductivity, there is much material drawn from soft matter physics,  including liquid crystals, polymers. and f1uid dynamics.

• Provides frequent  comparison of theory and experiment, both when they agree and when problems are still unsolved
• Incorporates many new images from experiments
• Provides end-of-chapter  problems including computational exercises
• Includes more than fifty data tables and a detailed forty-page index
• Offers a solutions manual for instructors

I Atomic Strcture

1- The Idea of Crystals
2- Three-Dimensional Lattices
3- Scattering and Structures
4- Surfaces and Interfaces
5- Beyond Crystals

II Electronic Structure

7- Non-Interacting Electrons in a Periodic Potential
8- Nearly Free and Tighty Bound Electrons
9- Electron-Electron Interactions
10- Realistic Calculations in Solids

III- Mechanical Properties

11- Cohesion of Solids
12- Elasticity
13- Phonons
14- Dislocations and Cracks
15- Fluid Mechanics

IV- Electron Transport

16- Dynamics of Bloch Electrons
17- Transport Phenomena and Fermi Liquid Theory
18- Microscopic Theories of Conduction
19- Electronics

V- Optical Properties

20- Phenomenological Theory
21- Optical Properties of Semiconductors
22- Optical Properties of Insulators
23- Optical Properties of Metal and Inelastic Scattering

V- Magnetism

24- Classical Theories of Magnetism and Ordering
25- Magnetism of Ions and Electrons
26- Quantum Mechanics of Interacting Magnetic Moments
27- Superconductivity


A: Lattice Sums and Fourier Transforms
B: Variational Techniques
C: Second Question

Michael P. Marder :- is the Associate Dean for Science and Mathematics Education and Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Texas, ere he has been involved in a wide variety of theoretical, numerical, and experiments. He specializes in the mechanics of solids, particularly the fracture  of  brittle materials. Dr. Marder  has carried out experimental studies of crack instabilities in plastics and rubber and constructed analytical theories for how cracks move in crystals. Recently he has studied the way that membranes ripple due to changes in their geometry, and properties of frictional sliding at small length scales.

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