Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications, 2/e
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Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications, 2/e

© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9788126561056
Pages : 688
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 1.40   kg

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The book takes an innovative approach to quantum mechanics by combining the essential elements of the theory with the practical applications: it is therefore both a textbook and a problem solving book in one self-contained volume. Carefully structured, the book starts with the experimental basis of quantum mechanics and then discusses its mathematical tools. Subsequent chapters cover the formal foundations of the subject, the exact solutions of the Schrödinger equation for one and three dimensional potentials, time-independent and time-dependent approximation methods and finally, the theory of scattering. 

1. Thoroughly updated edition.
2. A clear, balanced introduction to quantum mechanics combining essential theory with practical applications.
3. Includes over 65 solved examples and each chapter concludes with an extensive collection of fully solved multipart problems.
4. Provides an in-depth treatment of the practical mathematical tools of quantum mechanics.

1.Origins of Quantum Physics.
2.Mathematical Tools of Quantum Mechanics.
3.Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.
4.One-Dimensional Problems.
5.Angular Momentum.
6.Three-Dimensional Problems.
7.Rotations and Addition of Angular Momenta.
8.Identical Particles.
9.Approximation Methods for Stationary States.
10.Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory.
A. The Delta Function.
B. Angular Momentum in Spherical Coordinates.
C. Computer Code for Solving the Schrödinger Equation. Index

NOUREDINE ZETTILI :- NOUREDINE ZETTILI received his Ph.D. in 1986 from MIT and is currently Professor of Physics at Jacksonville State University, USA. His research interests include nuclear theory, the many-body problem, quantum mechanics and mathematical physics. He has also published two booklets designed to help students improve their study skills.Proteins: Biochemistry and Biotechnology is a definitive source of information for all those interested in this area, providing a broad overview of the various medical, diagnostic and industrial uses of proteins.

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