Quantum Mechanics  Concepts and Applications
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Quantum Mechanics Concepts and Applications

Author : Ajay Kumar Saxena
© Year : 2020
ISBN : 9789386768896
Pages : 1024
Binding : Paperback
Dimension : 18 x 24
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The book presents basic concepts of Quantum Mechanics to the undergraduate and postgraduate students at various colleges and universities. Starting from the preliminary ideas related to quantum mechanics, a systematic and logical approach has been used in the subsequent chapters, together with the inclusion of modern concepts such as field quantization, Schrödinger's cat problem, qubits and quantum computing. The approach is conceptual and pedagogical and stress is given on using the Dirac notations.

  • Student-friendly approach
  • Solved examples and questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Inclusion of topics such as Fields and Field quantization, the Einstein- Podolsky-Rosen Argument, Bell's Inequality and Schrödinger's Cat Problem, Qubits and Quantum computing.

        1.  Preliminary Ideas and Concepts
        2.  Theory of the Atom
        3.  Probability Concepts and Statistical Distribution Functions
        4.  Beginning of the Quantum Concepts
        5.  Wave Functions, State Vector Representation Postulates, and Heisenberg Principle
        6.  The Dirac Delta Function and Fourier Techniques and Wave Packets
        7.  Wave Mechanics
        8.  Operator—Formalism and Operators
        9.  Simple Harmonic Oscillator
      10.  Unitary Operators and Unitary Transformations
      11.  Symmetries, Invariance Principles and Conservation Laws
      12.  Dirac Representation of a State, Operators and Hilbert-Space
      13.  Spherical coordinates and the Hydrogen atom problem
      14.  Angular momentum
      15.  Dynamics of Quantum Systems
      16.  Time Independent Perturbation Theory
      17.  Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
      18.  The Variation Method
      19.  The WKB Approximation Method
      20.  Scattering Theory
      21.  Relativistic Theory
      22.  Fields, Field Quantization and Second Quantization
      23.  The EPR Argument, Bell's Inequality and Schrödinger's Cat Problem
      24.  Quantum Computing

Ajay Kumar Saxena :- is Professor of Physics at APS University Rewa (M.P.). He is M.Sc. (Physics) from Delhi University, M.Tech. (Energy Studies) from I.I.T. Delhi and Ph.D from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. His areas of research include Space Science (Cosmic Rays) and Materials Science. He got published thirty-five research papers in national and international journals and has authored Principles of Modern Physics; Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical, Physics, Classical Mechanics; Quantum Mechanics; Atomic and Molecular Spectra and Lasers; Digital Electronics; Solid State Physics; Mechanics; High Temperature Superconductors. He has guided nine PhD students, and is also a life member of Indian Physics Association.

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Quantum Mechanics Concepts ...

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