Please find frequently asked questions listed below for your convenience. We hope these will help you get most of the answers to your queries.

If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact Editorial desk ( ik_editorial@ikinternational.com ) for questions related to book publishing or the Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) for questions related to purchase or to request a specimen copy of the book. For any other query, you can also write to us on info@ikinternational.com. We would be happy to help you!

Current News At Ikbooks.com

How can I get updates on new and forthcoming books in my field?
Sign up for https://www.ikbooks.com/customer-emailers-registration

How do I find the latest publications in my area of research?
While signing up for https://www.ikbooks.com/customer-emailers-registration, you can specify your areas of interest so that you only receive email on these topics.

From where can I download a catalog of IK's latest publications?
You can download our current catalogs from https://www.ikbooks.com/DownloadCatalogue

Customer Service Questions

How to find the book I am looking for?
You can search for books in a number of ways through ikbooks search engine. You can do a general search through the Search window on the home page. Or can conduct a more specific search through our Advanced Search link on the home page, this will allow you to search by book title, author, ISBN, keyword, and subject. Finally, our books are also organized according to subject area on our home page. Here you will find all titles within a subject area with many areas, focusing on more specific subcategories.

I don't want to use a credit card over the internet. Is there any other way to order?
There are a number of ways to order your product. If you are hesitant to use your credit card over the internet, you can give your billing information over the telephone to our customer service. Or you can email us at info@ikinternational.com. to initiate the bank transfer to our account.

Can I place a bulk order?
Yes, absolutely. Exclusive bulk discounts are available. You may contact our Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) for more information.

Whom to contact

  • For the status of my order
    For problem with my order or billing
    If I received the wrong book or duplicate copies?

Please contact Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) for all your concerns. Track your order online

I found an error in one of your books. How do I report it?
If you identify any errors in any of our books, please contact our
Editorial desk ( ik_editorial@ikinternational.com )

My book mentions a program that I should download at ikbooks.com - how can I find it?
Type the title of the book into the search window. Click on the title to visit the book page.

Author Questions

Where should I submit my manuscript for publication?
Please contact our Editorial desk ( ik_editorial@ikinternational.com ) to get you through our publication process.

How long does it take to take a decision on publishing a manuscript?
It will take around 15 to 20 working days.

How can I contribute a chapter in one of the Ik books?
If you have a chapter ready or a plan to write a chapter in any of the area, contact our Editorial desk ( ik_editorial@ikinternational.com ) We will get back to you for any such requirement.

Where can I find author’s guidelines for my manuscript?
Please write to our Editorial desk ( ik_editorial@ikinternational.com ) We provide author’s guidelines on request.

How can I help the marketing of my book?
Please visit the Marketing page for tips to help market your book.

I want to publicize my book at a conference/seminar or among my peers. How can I get extra promotional material for my book?
Please contact our Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) They will design a custom based flyer to fulfill your request.

When do I get my royalty?
We pay our authors between April and June of the next financial year. For example, royalty for FY 2013-14 will be paid between April and June 2014. For any query concerning royalty issue, contact ik_financedept@ikinternational.com.

Will you publish the e-version of my book?
Yes, absolutely. All our new books are released simultaneously in e format with printed edition.

I do not find my book in a particular locality. What should I do?
Send an e-mail to our Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) with the details of your locality along with the name and telephone number of all the nearby book sellers.

Reviewer Questions

I am a book reviewer. How can I get my inspection copy?
Please go to the https://www.ikbooks.com/ContactUs/specimen-request to request an inspection copy of the textbook. Inspection requests from qualified reviewers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We don’t provide any inspection copy of our reference books.

Professor And BOS Member Question

Who can I contact in order to adopt an IK textbook for my course?
For all the adoptions and recommendations of our published titles, you can go to https://www.ikbooks.com/ContactUs/specimen-request to complete an examination copy request form or you can write us at info@ikinternational.com. We provide an inspection copy on receiving the details through our form. Our Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) will contact you further on this.

For Librarians

Where can I download IK’s catalog of latest publications?
Please visit the https://www.ikbooks.com/DownloadCatalogue page to download recent catalogs and other related materials.

Where can I order books for our library?
Contact our Sales & Marketing desk ( info@ikinternational.com ) for library purchase.